Biological explanations of social inequalities

Dan Lowe argues that we should take a certain attitude to what he calls “biological explanations of social inequalities”. What, exactly, is that attitude? Why does he think we should take that argument (i.e., how does he justify the premises of his argument)? Do you agree? Why or why not?   Get Professional Assignment Help […]

Approach of abortion using ethical theory

Home>Social Science homework help>Philosophy homework help Assignment Unit 7 AS: Approach abortion using ethical theory This assignment tests the student’s retention and understanding of ethical theory studied in Unit 3. AS Instructions: Read the following case and then answer using your knowledge of ethical theory: Mary is an unmarried, eighteen-year-old, eight-week pregnant young woman. She […]

The study of compulsory heterosexuality and its benefits

What is compulsory heterosexuality?  Who does it benefit and who does it disadvantage? Why do you think I was struck by this form? In other words, why is this form an example of compulsory heterosexuality? Provide at least two examples of compulsory heterosexuality in contemporary US society.  They can be things you’ve heard about, observed […]

Study of biologically determinism scientific racism or which attributes inferior mental physical and or moral qualities to different races.

Question:  •If race structures inequality, as Audrey Smedley, Michael Omi, and Howard Winant argue, then from the colonial period to the turn of the twentieth century, did the United States either resolve or reaffirm what Edmund Morgan called the American Paradox vis-à-vis not only African Americans, but also Native Americans and other nonwhites? Answer the […]

Review in microbial journal article.

  In this assignment, students will review a microbial journal article. Choose one article from a primary scientific literature source that uses a microbe as a model organism/system and write a comprehensive summary of the study that answers the following questions: Choose one article from a primary scientific literature source that uses a microbe as […]

Assignment on Lifespan and Stages of Child Development

Lifespan Course Presentation – Stages of Child Development Picture This: You land a great job in a fabulous hospital that has just built a state-of-the-art maternity ward.  You are given the task to develop a power point presentation to educate new parents about childhood development.  This presentation will focus on the main themes surrounding physical, […]

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