Health issues affecting both Non governmental organizations and governmental organizations

Application Assignment: Cooperate. Collaborate. Connect. NGOs and other governmental organizations often work side by side on the same problem. To prepare: Explore the web pages of the organizations provided in your Learning Resources this week to learn about the work they are doing. Look for one health issue that you can see in both the […]

School of medicine Internship application

1. describe your laboratory lab experience, and identify if lab/PI, etc. (150 words) – ” I took general chemistry1,2, and 3 with lab, if you didn’t take chemistry lab before, please search in google what does chemistry lab is and then describe as your laboratory lab experience.) 2. List your field(s) of interest for scientific […]

Final project reflection essay

In this Milestone One check-in journal assignment, you will submit a reflection of the status of your final project. Include any issues, positive experiences, and questions to the instructor for further clarification. You may submit a draft of the Purpose and Quality Statement and Status of Quality Tools and Standards sections of your final project […]

Great Day Fitness Tracking Final Plan

Assignment Content During your last week working with Great Day Fitness Tracking, you will create a 9- to 12-page final plan in Microsoft® Word. Your final plan should: Explain the relationship between processes and information systems, including a flowchart and a discussion of security ethical concerns. (Week 1) Describe the plan to select the appropriate […]

Collaborative practice models project paper

In your response posts, evaluate your peers’ application of a particular model of collaborative practice. Do you agree with their initial post? Post #1 Michael Kruzinski Hello Class, One collaborative practice model used in healthcare is the chronic care model (CCM) which has been successful in addressing preventative care and disease management. Within the CCM […]

Discussions on critical thinking

  When the People You Love Don’t Think Like You Required Resources Read/review the following resources for this activity: Textbook: Chapter 16 Lesson Minimum of 1 scholarly source (in addition to the textbook) Introduction Facione & Gittens (2016) state,  “Strong critical thinking about complex and difficult social policies  demands that we respect those with whom […]

social determinants of health-community health worker

Do you believe individual and community intervention by a community health worker can truly affect social determinants of health, or is upper-level systemic change what is most effective? Explain why, or why not. REPLY TO MY CLASSMATE’S RESPONSE TO THE ABOVE QUESTION AND EXPLAIN WHY YOU AGREE? (A MINIMUM OF 200 WORDS EACH POST)                                                 CLASSMATE’S […]

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